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Emergency Lighting Installation

At Wells Electrical Contractors, we offer a full range of commercial electrician services to businesses across the UK.

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Emergency Lighting System Installation

Emergency lighting system installation refers to equipping buildings with specialised light fixtures and bulbs and backup power sources like batteries or generators. 

Its purpose is to illuminate critical areas during unforeseen events, such as power interruptions and fire incidents, safeguarding the safety and security of individuals inside the building.

Ensuring the presence of emergency lighting in your building is a mandatory responsibility that can potentially save lives and should never be disregarded.

Some critical considerations for emergency lighting system installation include: 

Type of system -  Self-contained systems have their own battery backup, while central supply systems rely on a central battery bank. 

Illumination levels - Different parts of a building require different illumination levels. An escape route usually requires stronger illumination than an open space. 

Maintenance - Emergency lighting systems need regular testing, cleaning and battery replacements to ensure they are in good working order. 

Since it is a critical aspect of building fire safety, emergency lighting system installation should only be done by qualified professionals.

Who can install emergency lighting?

In the UK, emergency lighting installation is a regulated activity that competent and qualified electricians or fire safety professionals must carry out. Like our highly-trained team at Wells Electricals, they should: 

  • Have a relevant electrical qualification

  • Be registered with The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contraction (NICEIC)

  • Have experience in the design, installation and testing of emergency lighting systems 

  • Be familiar with relevant fire safety regulations.

Our specialist team of Electrical Engineers can design, install and maintain your emergency lighting systems to ensure you are fully compliant with current regulations and British Standards BS5266. We offer a comprehensive solution that meets all required safety and performance requirements.

Plan your Emergency Lighting with us

Legal requirements of UK emergency lighting

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) and the British Standard 5266-1:20:2016 are two key documents that set out the legal emergency lighting requirements in the UK. 

Together, these documents provide detailed guidance on designing, installing and testing emergency lighting systems for non-domestic buildings. Along with illuminating fire alarm call points, firefighting and first-aid equipment, emergency lighting should also be provided in the following areas:

Escape routes - Including corridors, stairs, and doorways. The illumination level on the floor along the escape route must be at least 0.2 lux. 

Open spaces - Hallways, reception areas and assembly rooms. The illumination level should be 0.5 lux. 

High-risk areas - Plant rooms, boiler rooms and storage areas. The illumination level must be at least 0.5 lux. 

Emergency lighting systems should be tested at least once a year to ensure they are in working order. However, the frequency of testing will depend on the type of system and the risk level of your premises. 

Failure to comply with government regulations can result in hefty fines or prosecution if a lack of adequate emergency lighting results in death or injury. For this reason, it’s best to hire qualified experts, such as Wells Electrical, to design, install and maintain your emergency lighting system. 

Our emergency lighting installation services

Wells Electrical provides turnkey emergency lighting installation and maintenance services that give your employees and building occupants the best chance to escape if an emergency occurs.

Emergency Lighting System Design

Our team will plan the layout of your emergency lighting system based on your building’s layout, occupancy and risk assessment. During this stage, we’ll determine the number and placement of emergency lights and the type of system required. 

Next, we’ll thoroughly assess your building’s structure, electrical wiring and potential obstructions that may affect the installation process. We will also ensure the designated areas for light installation are prepared and free from obstacles.

Our experienced team will then mount the lights on walls, ceilings or suspended fixtures, ensuring proper spacing and alignment. All wiring is installed according to the design plan, connecting the lights to the control panel and power source.

Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenance

Once installation is complete, we’ll test the lights to make sure they’ll work during an emergency. This involves stimulating a power outage and ensuring the lights activate and provide adequate illumination. 

We also provide comprehensive documentation of your emergency lighting system, including circuit diagrams and maintenance schedules. Our team will establish regular maintenance procedures to ensure your system remains in good working order and complies with safety standards.

Remember that regular occupants of your building should be trained on the emergency lighting system, including identifying and activating lights and evacuation procedures. We encourage you to conduct regular fire drills and emergency preparedness training so everyone knows protocols and evacuation routes.

Specialist electrical engineers

Every electrical engineer at Wells Electrical is NICEIC-approved, meaning the UK’s leading certification body has assessed their competency to work in the electrical contracting industry. 

Wells Electrical technicians are recognised for their high competence and expertise in installing, repairing and maintaining emergency lighting according to the latest industry standards. 

For the past 15 years, our experienced team has served the electrical needs of many satisfied clients in the UK, ensuring organisations and businesses have the power to succeed. 

We train our apprentices from scratch, transferring knowledge and technical know-how to future generations who continue to uphold a legacy of high standards and excellence synonymous with Wells Electrical. 

How much does it cost to install emergency lighting?

The cost of installing emergency lighting depends on: 

·  The size of your premises

· The type of lighting needed

·  Lighting design and placement 

·  Ongoing maintenance and testing expenses 

Please get in touch with us for a quote. At Wells Electrical, we’ll gladly assess your building and provide a customised estimate based on your organisation’s needs.

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