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Commercial Fire Alarm Design & Installation

Protecting your employees, customers and assets is part of any well-run business. Should the worst happen, a fire alarm will aid in your emergency response so that you can mitigate the damage and ensure that everybody is safe and sound.

Under current UK fire alarm regulations, all businesses must have a fire detection system that’s fit for purpose. At Wells Electrical, we have supported businesses across the UK in designing, installing and maintaining their fire alarm systems in line with current UK legislation on commercial fire detection systems.

If you need peace of mind that should the worst happen, your business is protected, get in touch with the team for your free quote today.

Our commercial fire alarm services

Commercial fire alarm services are designed to ensure your business fully complies with BS 5839 standards.

We offer an all-in-one solution covering a fire alarm design for your specific commercial facility and high-quality installation and testing to ensure you’re ready.

Commercial fire alarm design

Designing your fire alarm from scratch begins with a thorough assessment of your facility and the current British standards.

Our contractors are fully briefed on the principles of legally compliant fire alarm system design. Together with our engineers, we will examine your building and its use to ensure fire alarm systems are designed around your specific facility.

We will also review your Fire Risk Assessment to better understand your building before discussing the best possible fire alarm design for you.

Commercial fire alarm installation

With our ISO 9001-compliant suppliers, we will install your commercial fire alarm system. Whether we designed it or you already have the designs, our experienced NICEIC-qualified crew will turn plans into action.

At Wells Electrical, we can install Category L systems and automatic fire detection alarms designed to preserve life.

We cover all distinct fire alarm categories, including:


Category L1 – Systems installed throughout every part of your building.

Category L2 – Alarms installed in defined areas of a building.

Category L3 – Fire warning systems.

Category L4 – Fire warning systems installed within your escape routes.

Category L5 – Systems located in protected areas.


Need help determining which systems are suitable for you? Following your Fire Risk Assessment, our contractors can discuss the best possible fire alarm installation to provide maximum protection to your business and its employees.

Does a commercial property need a fire alarm?

Under current UK law, all commercial properties must have what’s defined as an “appropriate fire detection system.” In practice, this means that every business property should have a fire alarm in place because it is the most effective detection system available.

Legally, small, open-plan and single-storey properties where fires can be easily seen from any point are exempt from the rules. However, fire can spread surprisingly quickly, meaning a fire detection and alert system is critical to protecting your employees and customers even in these environments.

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Types of commercial fire alarm systems

Commercial fire alarm systems are a must-have for any commercial premises in the UK; but which alarm system is right for you?

At Wells Electrical, we understand how overwhelming the sheer amount of choice can be. Generally, you can split commercial fire alarm systems into four distinct categories, which are:


Conventional – These are simple, stand-alone systems with hard-wired devices that detect fires and alert all building occupants. These are inflexible but are also the simplest, most cost-effective option to install.

Addressable – Addressable fire alarm systems are networked systems using sensors and detectors connected to a central control panel. Each device within the system has its own unique address, which is why these systems can tell you exactly where a fire is located. Compared to a conventional system, these offer far greater precision.

Analogue Addressable – These fire alarm systems consist of field devices connected to a control panel via cabling. Although more expensive, these alarm systems offer more accurate fire detection and are more adept at telling the difference between real fires and false alarms.

Wireless – These fire alarm systems are similar to analogue addressable systems but without the need for cabling. Instead, it relies on radio frequencies to connect the detectors to the rest of the system. Offering frictionless, fast installation, these are the most flexible commercial alarm systems available today.


Speak to our experienced engineers to learn which commercial fire alarm systems are best suited to your facility.

Fire alarm regulations for commercial buildings in the UK

All fire alarm regulations for commercial facilities are part of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, abbreviated as the RRO.

Additionally, UK government recommendations state that fire alarm and detection systems should be installed and regularly maintained to the standards of BS 5839.

How much does it cost for commercial fire alarm system design and installation?

Business owners should never view commercial fire alarm system design and installation as a box-ticking exercise. Instead, businesses must be prepared to provide the maximum amount of safety possible.

However, the key to any sound fire alarm system is to design and install it based on the building. No two commercial premises are the same.

With that in mind, Wells Electrical provides tailored quotes based on your business and current Fire Review Assessment.

Enlist our contractors to prepare and install the fire alarm system that will perform when you need it most. For your free quote, give us a call or send us a message today.

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