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Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade Services

Cutting energy usage has never been more vital for businesses. At Wells Electrical Contractors, we support businesses upgrading their lighting with brand-new, energy-efficient LED lighting.

As a Construction Line and CHAS-affiliated supplier of lighting systems, our qualified electricians and engineers make it simple to design, install, test and maintain LED lighting systems nationwide.

Contact our team now to overcome the cost and hassle of commercial LED lighting upgrades.

What are commercial LED lights?

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting lets you cut your bills and emissions. These lights are semiconductors allowing one-way directional flow. Unlike other light bulbs, such as the incandescent ones you grew up with, these lights contain no wire filament.

LED lights create light due to the flow of electrons within. This flow creates photons and, subsequently, illumination. It’s this mechanism that makes LED lighting so highly sought after by businesses.

They generate minimal heat, meaning they can cut your energy use by up to 75%. Remember, incandescent light bulbs use 98% of their energy on heat. So, a commercial LED lighting upgrade is essential if you want to achieve your net-zero goals.

How much does it cost to change to LED lighting?

If you’re concerned about the costs of LED lighting, this investment delivers a guaranteed return on your investment. Regarding costs, Wells Electrical deals in bespoke quotes because every business is different.

For example, we have installed new lighting at more than 100 of Smyths Toys’ UK sites. Every facility is different, so getting a bespoke LED lighting upgrade quote is the best way to determine how much it costs.

Your quote will include accounting for size, layout and your facility's needs.

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Which industries can benefit from commercial LED Lighting upgrades?

Any business, from small businesses to sprawling publicly traded companies, can benefit from LED lighting. This is an upgrade that benefits everybody looking to slash their energy costs and achieve their climate goals.

Some examples of spaces that benefit from commercial LED lighting upgrades include:

  • Office spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping centres
  • Carparks

LED lighting is the one electrical upgrade that universally benefits every industry and organisation. Upgrade now and stop overpaying on your energy bills.

What are the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting?

Upgrading your lighting system is a major decision for any company. You need to ensure that the initial investment in design, installation, testing and maintenance has a positive return.

There are several reasons for installing commercial LED lighting, including:

Better efficiency

LEDs are the most efficient lighting solutions available. More than 90% of their energy creates usable visible light. Compare this to fluorescent lights, which release 10% of their energy, and CFLs, which release 20% of their energy as visible light.

Understandably, businesses transitioning from legacy lighting solutions could save thousands of pounds annually.

Superior versatility

LED bulbs come in various lighting and colour options, letting you choose the lights to suit the ambience. This allows you to create safer and more productive workspaces, whereas, with other bulbs, you lack these options.

More reliability

The biggest benefit of LEDs is their superior reliability. They are highly dependable and require practically no maintenance. An average LED bulb will offer 40,000 hours of lighting.

LEDs are the way forward if you want to spend less time changing light bulbs and more time running your business.

Better for the environment

Countless businesses have established net-zero goals to address the impacts of climate change. If you are going green, installing LED lighting is one of the most impactful initiatives you can take.

Although the initial cost can be higher than other lighting options, the return on investment isn’t a claim but a guarantee.

Enhanced safety

Health and safety are at the forefront of every commercial and industrial setting. Lighting systems can experience combustion and accidental fires due to the heat they generate.

Since LEDs emit minimal heat, they’re far cooler than incandescent lights, which reduces the risk of accidental fires.

Does upgrading LED lighting cut costs for businesses?

LED lighting can be found in more than half of all commercial buildings in the UK. The rapid rise of LED lighting has been championed by a desire for businesses to deal with spiralling energy costs.

Upgrading to LED lighting could save you 70-80% off your monthly lighting bills; but, the savings don’t stop here. Due to their relative lack of required maintenance, you can save on direct replacement costs and time, allowing you to save indirectly. However, just because LEDs require minimal maintenance doesn’t negate the need for safety testing to comply with health and safety regulations.

Wells Electrical Contractors is the number-one nationwide choice if you need a partner to manage everything from installation to routine maintenance. To learn more about commercial LED lighting upgrades in the UK, get in touch with our team today.

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