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RCD Protection in Commercial Installations

Electrical safety at work is essential to protect everybody on your premises. Every year, countless instances of injury and death occur due to poor-quality electrical work. 

At Wells Electrical Contractors, we have the experience and know-how to ensure your electrics are safe and legally compliant. Whether you’re a small business or a publicly traded company, consult us to learn more about top-quality electrical safety solutions.

Do commercial installations require RCD protection?

Safety is paramount, and Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are vital in preventing electric shocks and fires in the workplace.

If it detects imbalances between live and neutral conductors, RCD protection automatically breaks circuits. These devices save lives, especially in locations with an elevated risk of electrocution, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Are they required by law, though? 

In many cases, RCD protection is a legal requirement. Areas where you may need RCD protection include:

  • Sockets rated up to 32A.
  • Sockets in outdoor areas.
  • Sockets in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Circuits supplying outdoor portable equipment.


Whether these are mandated or not, RCD protection is a worthwhile investment to protect your business, employees and customers against the life-threatening risk of an electrical catastrophe.

Do commercial lighting circuits need RCD protection?

Lighting circuits are one of the rare exceptions to the rules. Although the regulations state that all circuits supplying luminaries require RCD protection, this only applies to domestic premises. No law states that commercial lighting circuits require RCD devices.

However, RCD protection is so valuable that we strongly recommend installing them anyway. Our experienced electricians have handled these projects on behalf of some of the biggest names in the UK, including Smyths Toys and Bluecoat Liverpool.

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Our commercial RCD protection services

Our commercial RCD protection services are essential to the electrical services we deliver to our clients.

RCDs offer the highest level of protection available against electric shock, fires and death. However, they also require regular testing to ensure they continue to perform at the highest level.

At Wells Electrical Contractors, we manage the installation, testing and maintenance of RCDs on your behalf. These include fixed RCDs, portable RCDs and socket-outlet RCDs.


Contact us to learn more about our primary RCD protection services for commercial premises, including:

  • RCD Design – Our team works with yours to determine where RCDs must be installed to maximise workplace safety.
  • RCD Installation – We choose the correct type of RCD and install them in the relevant locations. Each electrician is highly experienced, with our company boasting nearly 70 years of experience.
  • RCD Testing – Make the most of your RCDs with regular testing. We recommend consulting a NICEIC-approved contractor like our team for RCD testing every three months.
  • RCD Maintenance – Faulty RCDs put your business at risk. We act immediately to document problems, fix them, and then provide a solid paper trail outlining the work done for compliance purposes.


RCD protection is something no business should scrimp on. Ensure your brand takes electrical safety seriously by contacting us about RCD protection today.

Why RCD protection is important for businesses

RCD protection may not be mandated in every environment, but we recommend our clients take advantage of them.


Generally, you can choose from three types of RCDs, which are:


  1. Fixed RCDs – Installed in consumer units and fuse boxes to protect single or group circuits. They cover all wiring and sockets.
  2. Portable RCDs – Portable RCDs may be plugged into any socket outlets to protect anyone operating a specific appliance or machine. These are often used on temporary worksites.
  3. Socket-Outlet RCDs - RCDs installed in socket outlets that replace the standard outlet protect people whenever they are in contact with connected equipment.


Each RCD type has its place in offering comprehensive protection for assets and people on commercial premises. Some of the top benefits of utilising them include:


High-grade electrical protection


RCDs offer an extra layer of protection against electric shocks. They have been credited with saving tens of thousands of lives around the world because they act to protect you if there’s a significant electrical fault.


Reduce fire risk


These devices work by disconnecting the power whenever a fault has been detected. Immediately shutting down the power reduces the risk of electrical fires caused by faulty appliances and wiring.


Safety in wet working environments


Environments with water, such as workplace kitchens and employee bathrooms, increase the risks of electric shocks. In the past, this was an accepted risk, but with RCDs, you tackle that risk, enabling you to protect customers and employees from harm.


Enhance existing circuit breakers


Circuit breakers are the bread and butter of electrical safety – but they aren’t perfect.


RCDs work with circuit breakers to offer another protection vector to deliver comprehensive electrical protection.


Avert disaster

Electric shocks and fires are devastating for businesses, with consequences including but not limited to:


  • Personal injury
  • Destruction of assets
  • Legal action
  • Regulatory penalties
  • Loss of reputation


RCD protection turns the unavoidable into the avoidable. These highly affordable additions to your electrical infrastructure make them one of the most valuable investments you can make.

RCD protection in commercial installations with Wells Electrical Contractors

RCDs save lives.

Show your commitment to electrical safety by investing in RCD protection as part of a comprehensive commercial electrical installation.

At Wells Electrical Contractors, our 65+ years of experience and apprenticeship training schemes have enabled us to train and equip generation after generation of master electricians and engineers with the knowledge and expertise needed to ready your business for anything.

Let our no-nonsense experts manage installation, testing and maintenance to give you peace of mind. To learn more, contact us today for your no-obligation quote.

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