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Emergency Lighting Testing for Schools

Schools are among the buildings that require regular emergency lighting testing to ensure the safety of students, staff and parents should the primary lighting system fail.

At Wells Electrical, we have worked with schools up and down the UK to ensure legal compliance and elevate health and safety standards.

Work with the NICEIC-qualified contracting team that can give you peace of mind and guarantee that your school’s emergency lighting system is fit for purpose by getting in touch now.

Why emergency lighting is important in schools

Emergency lighting is a crucial part of your school’s emergency infrastructure. In England alone, there are more than nine million primary and secondary education students. Add in teaching and support staff, and there are more than ten million people within England’s schools five days a week.

As a high-traffic environment, providing sufficient illumination is vital for preventing panic and enabling everybody to exit the building should an emergency occur.

In short, schools must enlist the support of professionals like Wells Electrical to guarantee the safety of all.

What are the testing requirements for emergency lighting in schools?

Emergency lighting testing is a legal requirement for most non-residential premises in the UK, including schools.

Under BS 5266-1 rules, schools must embark upon three-frequency testing, including:


·  Daily – Visual inspection.

·  Monthly – Short functional testing, known as “flick testing.”

·  Yearly – Comprehensive three-hour duration tests.


All tests and repairs must be recorded in a logbook to prove your school’s compliance. With over 65 years of combined experience, Wells Electrical is the trained, qualified team of contractors to help you stay on top of your testing obligations.

Where is emergency and exit lighting located in schools?

Every school must possess emergency and exit lighting. Where these installations are located depends entirely on your school. Since every school has a different size, scale, and layout, the setup of your luminaries will vary.

Various other factors also go into determining suitable lighting. For example, ceiling height can influence the type of suitable lighting available.

As part of your testing schedule, we can make recommendations regarding exit lighting, install them and provide regular servicing so that you’re always in full compliance.

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How often should emergency lighting be tested in schools?

Schools are advised to undergo three-frequency testing, which involves daily, monthly and annual tests. According to the rules, each school must designate a specific party responsible for carrying out, scheduling and recording tests within a logbook.

However, sometimes, it may be necessary to order more frequent testing. Your Wells Electrical engineer can advise on the correct testing schedule for your school.

What are the UK regulatory requirements for emergency lighting in schools?

Emergency lighting is there to protect everybody in an emergency; but, schools are also legally obligated to have emergency lighting under the terms of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Moreover, countless other regulations apply to schools. For example, every aspect of school design must comply with The Building Regulations 2000.

Failure to comply with the various standards and regulations can result in severe financial penalties and potentially legal action. This is why our contractors are fully trained in all school emergency lighting laws.

Daily and monthly testing may be carried out by a designated staff member. We can also train this staff member to perform visual and flick testing. However, the law states that a fully qualified and experienced professional must conduct comprehensive annual testing.

With our team by your side, we can take on annual tests and ensure that your staff are fully equipped to recognise problems during their duties.

Our emergency lighting testing services for the education sector

Emergency lighting testing services from Wells Electrical cover everything you need to ensure safety and ongoing legal compliance with UK law.

Choose our team and guarantee:


·  Full compliance with BS-5266.

·  Visits organised around the school day to minimise disruption.

·  Dedicated call-outs should your emergency lighting experience problems.

·  No hidden charges.

·  Multi-skilled engineering team.

·  Friendly and approachable professionals.

·  Recommendations for system improvements.


We take our obligations extremely seriously and have extensive experience in dealing with schools' unique emergency lighting system needs. Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide tailored advice, making your school a safer place to learn.

Give us a call or send us a message to schedule your next emergency lighting test now!

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