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Emergency Lighting Testing Bolton

Emergency lighting is vital for the health and safety of your team and customers. Introducing emergency lighting ensures that if your primary lighting systems are cut for whatever reason, people can safely make their way to the exits.

Wells Electrical Contractors is a leading NICEIC-approved emergency lighting contractor in Bolton. Not only can we design and install emergency lighting systems in any building, but we can also help you to comply with the law through comprehensive testing.

Teaming up with a local operator like Wells Electrical Contractors guarantees you get only the highest standard of legally compliant emergency lighting testing in Bolton and Greater Manchester. Get in touch to learn more about some of the services we provide.

Emergency lighting testing services

Wells Electrical Contractors is a Bolton-born and bred company, meaning we understand the needs of local businesses. If you require an emergency lighting testing and maintenance company that speaks your language, we have operated in the area for over 15 years.

Despite providing design, installation and maintenance services for businesses like The Bluecoat in Liverpool and Smyths Toys nationwide, we still primarily serve the people of Bolton. Whether you’re a new business or an established local powerhouse, our professionals can ensure your lights are always in good working order.

Under current UK law, all emergency lighting must be thoroughly tested once per year. This test must last at least three hours and be carried out by an authorised testing provider. Likewise, lights must be “flick-tested” once every month. We can also do this and teach your staff how to perform it in-house.

In addition to testing, we also provide proactive maintenance plans. If something goes wrong, we’re ready to act any time of the day or night to minimise disruption.

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Servicing and maintaining emergency lighting in your premises

Emergency lighting must not only work but also provide sufficient illumination, measured in lumens. Depending on the facility, these circuits can be enormously complex, meaning you need the support of someone who grasps all the operational ins and outs.

Wells Electrical Contractor’s testing process is entirely compliant with the UK’s current safety standards, which involve:

·  Assessing the condition of your lights.

·  Replacing/changing batteries as needed.

·  Filling out internal testing logbooks.

·  Proactively identifying and rectifying problems.

·  Signing emergency lighting certificates.

Emergency lighting testing and maintenance services aren’t about ticking boxes. These services are designed to save lives and protect you from fines due to non-compliance.

We understand this, so leave no stone unturned when inspecting emergency lighting and making necessary repairs. If you’re tired of contractors cutting corners, Wells Electrical Contractors is the partner for you.

Which businesses need to have emergency lighting tested?

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, regular inspections and mandatory annual testing by an authorised operator are required for all emergency lighting systems.

All commercial and industrial premises in the UK must have a well-maintained emergency lighting system. This rule extends to other areas, including government buildings, schools and hospitals. In fact, the only buildings this doesn’t apply to are certain types of private residential homes.

If you run a business in Bolton, you’ll almost certainly need to deal with the issue of emergency lighting installation, testing and maintenance.

Local emergency lighting testing services

We’ve helped countless local businesses understand and act on their emergency lighting responsibilities. Such matters can be complicated for busy companies, so we take the strain on their behalf.

While we offer emergency lighting testing to businesses in Bolton, our reach extends nationwide. For example, we’ve helped Smyths Toys at more than 100 sites by providing our expertise.

Our local contractors are ready to serve you, whether you’re located in Bolton, Greater Manchester, the wider North West, or even farther afield, including in areas like:

  • Farnworth
  • Little Lever
  • Kearsley
  • Bromley Cross
  • Heaton
  • Horwich
  • Lostock
  • Turton
  • Westhoughton

Note that we don’t just serve a particular type of company. Our contractors are equipped to handle everything from design and installation to testing and maintenance of emergency lighting systems in any environment.

If you need a qualified, professional and approachable outfit, Wells Electrical Contractors is the partner for you. To learn more about our emergency lighting services in Bolton, get in touch with the team today.

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We understand that no two customers’ electrical needs are the same, and when it comes to making important decisions on upgrades, emergency repairs or installations, the more information you have the better. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of solutions, as well as the knowledge to help customers make the right decisions.

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