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Emergency Lighting Maintenance & Servicing

At Wells Electrical, we understand how complicated complying with your legal obligations can be. If your commercial premises already have emergency lighting, you need a team that can provide a regular, hassle-free servicing schedule.

Our team comes with a combined 65 years of experience. With electrical knowledge matched only by our knowledge of the law, we can ensure the highest health and safety standards in your business.

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What are the legal requirements for emergency lighting maintenance?

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement for all business premises in the UK. Under the Building Regulations and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, any businesses, including factories, pubs, schools, hospitals and offices, must have well-maintained emergency lighting to help identify fire fighting equipment and enable escape should your primary lighting system fail.

Since emergency lighting systems are critical in highlighting escape routes and firefighting equipment, your systems must be tested regularly to ensure legal compliance.

Comprehensive testing however, isn’t something that you can leave to just anyone. By working with Wells Electrical, you have the team that can cover all scheduled maintenance and repairs to give you peace of mind.

Our emergency lighting maintenance services

Emergency lighting maintenance services cover all the bases to ensure your system is fully functioning and can pass any inspection.

So, what do you get when you handle your maintenance obligations through us?


·  All maintenance to be completed to the standards of BS-5266.

·  Convenient annual visits to minimise business disruption.

·  Dedicated call-outs should your system fail.

·  No hidden fees or charges.

·  Multi-skilled NICEIC-qualified and trained engineers.

·  Advice on maintenance and system improvements.


We treat every customer how we would like to be treated. Our friendly and approachable professionals are always on hand to answer any questions.

At Wells Electrical, we aim to be your one-stop shop for everything to do with UK emergency lighting systems.

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How long does an emergency lighting maintenance test last?

Under UK law, all businesses must undergo a three-hour emergency lighting test every year. During this test, your primary lighting circuits will be completely switched off.

All emergency lighting must provide sufficient illumination and staying power over the entire three-hour period to pass the test. Any defects must be reported and resolved as soon as possible.

We understand that three hours without lighting can cause undue business disruption. For this reason, our engineers offer flexible maintenance.

For example, during our work with SB Interiors Ltd., we carried out all work at night to mitigate health and safety issues and keep their business running during regular business hours.

Expect your annual maintenance test to take anywhere from three to four hours, which takes into account setting up the test and reporting the findings.

How often should emergency lighting be serviced?

UK law mandates a comprehensive test of emergency lighting at least once a year. Crucially, the annual test must be handled by a competent person. In other words, these tests can only be carried out by a qualified electrician, engineer, etc.

Known as the “full duration test, " this test must be conducted annually using maintained or non-maintained emergency lighting.

Don’t forget about monthly emergency lighting tests

Additionally, all UK businesses are expected to conduct monthly emergency lighting tests, known as “flick tests.”

These functional tests simulate the sudden failure of your primary lighting systems. Each part of your premises is tested with a fish key to ensure your emergency lighting functions. Businesses must keep complete records of these tests.

Note that we can train your staff to conduct these monthly emergency lighting tests, but many businesses hire professionals who attend regularly.

Who is responsible for emergency lighting maintenance in a commercial setting?

Emergency lighting maintenance in a commercial setting ultimately lies with the business. If your emergency lighting is broken and issues go unresolved, it is the business that will be punished.

The legislation states that all businesses must have a designated person responsible for scheduling and conducting tests. Likewise, the designated person must keep accurate records, including:


Daily Tests – Daily tests consist of a visual inspection to ensure emergency lighting is clean.

Monthly Tests – Flick testing. These tests can be conducted after training from a firm like Wells Electrical.

Annual Tests – The designated person must schedule an annual test with a company qualified to perform such testing. The business will receive a certificate and other relevant documentation that must be filed away after these tests.


In other words, if testing isn’t carried out according to the proper schedule or annual tests are conducted by someone unqualified, your business could be at risk of non-compliance.

At Wells Electrical, we empower you to maintain compliance and achieve the highest health and safety standards. Call or message us to schedule your next emergency lighting test or servicing appointment today!

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