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EICR Testing

Electrical installations and circuits always have the potential for electric shocks and fires. That’s why staying on top of your maintenance schedule is essential to protect your employees, customers and assets.

At Wells Electrical, we provide top-tier Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR), or fixed wire testing, to ensure that your electrical systems comply with UK laws like The Health and Safety at Work Act.

Streamline your compliance and make testing a breeze with your periodic report from the NICEIC-qualified team with a combined 65 years of experience by picking up the phone now.

What does an EICR test involve?

EICR testing concentrates on electrical wiring and related systems. Unlike other tests, EICR testing examines what cannot be seen with the naked eye, hence why you must consult a trained and qualified professional.

At Wells Electrical, we conduct EICR testing across three phases. Here’s what to expect:


Stage One – The visual assessment. Our engineers inspect appliances, circuits and electrical systems to see if there are any obvious signs of damage or overheating.

Stage Two – Your contractor will disconnect each installation from the main power supply. We will also conduct dead testing to find improperly connected wires and live electrical testing that pinpoints system faults.

Stage Three – Finally, we assess the quality of earthing and bonding to guarantee that you are fully protected. This is also where we examine sockets, outlets, switches and light fittings.


Following these practical tests, your contractor will produce a complete EICR report highlighting any remedial action and providing advisories.

You will also be able to ask any questions regarding the test or its findings. As always, Wells Electrical is there every step of the way.

What type of properties need EICR testing?

All commercial properties require EICR testing - strictly speaking, only landlords are legally obligated to undergo regular EICR tests. The same legislation does not apply to all commercial premises.

However, evidence of EICR testing enables compliance with other targeted legislation, including the aforementioned Health and Safety at Work Act and The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Skip EICR testing, and if there is an incident, your insurance company may refuse to provide any reimbursement. In other words, EICR testing is critical for every type of commercial property.

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Why does your property need an EICR test?

Electrical faults are among the leading causes of fires within commercial buildings. Fire can spread quickly, especially within factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. This is because:


·  Dusty environments can quickly lead to overheating.

·  Facilities may use flammable materials in their processes.

·  Commercial electrical installations are more prone to wear and tear.


UK business owners are legally responsible for their buildings’ safety. Losses due to electrical problems or injuries could make your business liable.

EICR testing mitigates the risk of the worst-case scenario and acts as evidence of compliance and a dedication to safety should you have to make a claim or defend yourself against one.

This is why we have worked with countless UK businesses across the UK and Ireland in performing various types of testing and maintenance. Some of the names we have worked with include Smyths Toys and Vinci Facilities.

How often do you need an EICR test?

Most commercial facilities undergo complete EICR tests once every five years. However, your engineer will advise you on a suitable testing schedule.

Newer buildings with brand-new, top-of-the-range electrical installations may be able to rely on a five-year schedule. However, older buildings may require additional testing to ensure the highest workplace safety standards.

When you schedule your EICR test with Wells Electrical, we can use these findings to determine your best testing schedule.

How much does an EICR inspection cost?

EICR inspection costs depend entirely on the size and complexity of your facility. Factors include:


·  Number of rooms.

·  Number of circuits.

·  Accessibility.

·  Size and complexity of electrical circuit boards.

·  Value-added services, including thermal imaging.


Our team only deals in bespoke quotes, ensuring businesses get the fairest possible price.

Get in touch with our customer support department for your bespoke quote today!

How long does an EICR test take?

Testing times can range from as little as one to four hours, but it can be and often is much much longer. It depends entirely on the business premises in question. For example, testing a large warehouse can take a few weeks! 

It is often determined on the amount of distribution boards and type of building.

During the quoting process, we can provide a rough estimate of how long we expect the test to take. This can enable you to make contingency plans, such as requesting a night-time test, to minimise business disruption.

Common issues found in an EICR test

EICR testing can reveal some surprising results. Many of the issues EICR testing can find are fire risks waiting to happen.

Some of the most common issues we come across include:


·  Loose connections.

·  Outdated wiring.

·  Lack of earthing.

·  Overloaded circuits.

·  Inadequate insulation.

·  No fire protection for electrical enclosures.

·  Failing circuit breakers.

·  Incorrect switchboard labelling.


Any of these problems can result in overheating, electrical shocks, cable damage, or major fire incidents.

EICR testing is there to help reduce the risk of accidents and improve the performance of your electrical systems. With more than six decades of experience, call us at Wells Electrical to schedule an in-depth test with our fully qualified and trained team today!

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