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‘Every project brings new challenges. We are able to meet these drawing on a wealth of past experience and adding new skills to deliver complex electrical installation projects on-time and on budget.’

– Nick Wells, Managing Director


Where time pressures are commonplace, we can respond with a streamlined electrical installation service to support complex lighting, HVAC, and data systems. We help to deliver an efficient and attractive environment for shoppers and store staff that supports the complex data and computing systems that underpin modern retailing.


Where exacting environmental standards are frequently needed and additional consideration is required for access control, security and CCTV systems. We provide all the core services, working with other specialists to deliver fully integrated and effective electrical systems.


Where power is essential for manufacturing systems and where data networks play an increasing role in the smart factory/industrial internet. We provide robust power delivery and the electrical and optical cabling for crucial control and data networks.

Bespoke Residential

Where discerning clients require distributed power, lighting, entertainment and communications. We provide the integrated networks to support modern lifestyles and the consumer internet-of-things, making homes more efficient, comfortable and convenient.


Our skills and experience are easily transferrable to other areas of work such as education, leisure, health and care, commercial developments, government agencies, transport and many other areas.